Less is more for practitioners

Outsourcing and offshoring has, up until now, been the preserve of the
world’s largest companies looking for more cost effective ways of processing
thousands of invoices or other such repetitive admin tasks.

And last week Accountancy Age highlighted the growth in popularity
among global organisations of placing some functions offshore. But it is now the
growing interest among small service providers that couldprovide real market

Simon Crompton, of business software company MYOB, said that he was
increasingly receiving calls from UK firms looking to outsource admin functions
and compliance work to Asia.

‘I must get a call a week on the subject,’ he said. ‘It’s about having
flexible labour at hand.’

An example closer to home is Affordable Accounts, a small practice that has
just outsourced its payroll services to bureau PAYEpeople.

AA managing director Diane Pilling said the move was indicative of the firm
looking to make the most of opportunities to outsource processes not core to its

‘We have to keep our relationships with clients, but payroll is a cost
pressure, so we outsourced to a specialist,’ said Pilling.

PAYEpeople divisional director Andrew McNicholas said that smaller firms
should look to pool together their resources – without losing their individual

‘For the work we do and technology available, it’s easy for us to brand up
payrolls according to the accountant that took on the work,’ said McNicholas.

Pilling also highlighted the increased use of ‘virtual PAs’ among accounting
firms who handle calls and diary issues when practitioners are out of the

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