Justin Thyme – The imPerthinenth of it all

We’re getting sick of people going on about how everyone wants to work for McKinsey, so it’s good to hear that even “The Firm” has limits to its pulling power. The firm has just closed its Perth office in Australia – because no-one wants to work there. Sydney-based managing partner John Stuckey, quoted in the Western Australian said that, although a couple of partners were keen to establish an office out West, Perth life simply wasn’t attractive enough to the bright young things at McKinsey.

“We thought one of the virtues for us was people would go and live there,” he said. “But none of the others wanted to live there and we ended up flying in and flying out of the place anyway. We have always had clients in the West and will continue to do so.”

Well I wouldn’t bet on it John. Expect a major handbagging from the Perth Chamber of Commerce any day now.

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