Softworld: rescue packages

As the downturn bites into cash reserves and improving efficiency is the name
of the game, investing in new business software could be the most important
decision you make this year.

One of the UK’s leading business software experts, Dennis Keeling, predicts
that business will clamour for the latest IT tools to help steer their business
through tough times.

‘People are looking at improving cashflow, reducing debt, and improving
office efficiency, which can reduce headcount,’ says Keeling, chief executive of
Business Software Intelligence.

With Keeling set to present ‘how to select specialist software applications’
at next week’s Softworld Accounting and Finance Solutions exhibition, he
believes business can save millions of pounds with just a small investment in

‘By spending thousands they can save millions. Companies can buy software
because it’s a capitalised item and can be written off over a few years, so
they’re happy to approve budgets.’

He is joined by a number of top guest speakers at this year’s event held in
London’s Olympia.
Holt JCB’s finance director Richard Briere discusses how to reduce complexity
with end-to-end solutions, while Smith & Williamson’s Stephen Briggs will
provide practical advice to SMEs on weathering the economic storm.

It has the largest number of exhibitors for a number of years, at around 50.

Two of the biggest players, Agresso and Coda, will exhibit together for the
first time since they merged, boasting a full range of financial products and
services to business of any shape or size.

‘We can offer existing customers new solutions to complement their current
portfolio including Agresso’s HR and payroll solution to CODA customers and
CODA’s powerful consolidation tool to Agresso customers,’ says MD John Crooks.

COA Solutions, formerly CedarOpenAccounts, will show its managed service
offering at the show.

Winning Moves is launching its online benchmarking tool at the show, Winning
Measures for Finance.

Developed in consultation with the profession, Winning Measures for Finance
is designed to help accountants and financial professionals generate new income,
attract new clients and strengthen their existing client relationships.

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