Experts dismiss manufactured optimism

The latest quarterly figures reveal that the proportion of manufacturers
expecting to increase output over the next three months is at its highest since
February 2005.

Despite the latest positive figures, recovery experts have constantly
targeted manufacturing as a key area that will require their turnaround services
and, they see no reason to change their opinion.

PKF head of business recovery Philip Long is insistent that manufacturers are
struggling in the UK.

‘We’re seeing more and more [manufacturers] struggling, what with the economy
being in a trough for such a long time,’ says Long.

Long says he has witnessed many manufacturers forced to sell plant and
machinery abroad to India and China, and that situation sums up the future of
manufacturing for all three countries.

The CBI also advises caution for the long term, with growth focused mainly on
the intermediate goods sector, which covers components, parts and building

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