Ex-E&Y employee in insider trading probe

A former employee of Ernst & Young ShinNihon, the largest auditing firm
in Japan, is under investigation by the government’s Securities and Exchange
Surveillance Commission for alleged insider stock trading.

The former employee admitted to the allegations and told officials of Ernst
& Young ShinNihon that he was ‘trying to make up for a loss from dealing in
other stocks’.

The certified public accountant is expected of trading shares in a female
acquaintance’s name and engaging in margin trading, the
Press news agency reported

According to Ernst & Young ShinNihon, the accountant is suspected of
trading 300 shares of a company in the service sector, around the time its
financial information was released to the public, while he was an employee of
the firm involved in auditing the market.

He is also accused of trading 261 shares of a company that was listed on the
Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, when its financial information was

The former employee joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon in 2001 and left in
2007 to start his own business.

The SESC is likely to recommend that the FSA fine the accountant 1 million

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of major auditing firm investigated over insider trading

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