AdSlot1 launches company wikis

Do you want to know more about the top firms in the UK? And more than that,
do you want to convey to hundreds of thousands of others what those firms are
really like? has introduced a new feature: a ‘wiki’ with separate pages
for each of the Top 20 UK accounting firms.

A wiki, derived from the Hawaiian word ‘wiki wiki’, which means fast, is a
technology that enables users to edit and update web pages simply and quickly.

The use of these wiki pages will allow any reader who works for a Top 20
firm, or from further afield, to add their knowledge to the Accountancy

All contributions are confidential, and will allow readers to help shape the
understanding of their firm.

Readers can include a breakdown of a firm’s history, recent news, annual
results, mergers, future strategy and details on the inner-workings of how the
firm operates.

Wiki pages are entirely open and free for anyone to use. The aim of the wiki pages is to enable the entire profession to pool its
knowledge on the UK’s top practices.

Those who have content they would like to share should visit where they can make
additions to pages.

To start off, the wiki page for each firm has already been populated with
information, outlining its history, earnings, leadership and recent news ­ good
and bad.

The wiki page on PricewaterhouseCoopers, for example, details how the firm
evolved to become the largest in the UK and the world, but also points out the
firm has precious few female partners.

The KPMG page outlines the series of deals and mergers that have coloured the
firm’s corporate history and details the tax scandal that rocked KPMG US in

But the wikis are not just narrations of corporate news and history. The idea
is to encourage employees from firms to update each wiki page with new and
topical information on a firm: what is it like to work there, what pay is on
offer and how does it compare to other firms?

The wiki aims to get right inside a firm through the people who work there
and know it better than anyone else. A reader disagreeing with what one
contributor says can offer a counterview. The wiki grows by contributors
offering various perspectives.

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