Unhappy PAYE costs Iris customers

Online PAYE filing went relatively smoothly for accountants. Although many
suffered the inconvenience of filing outside working hours, and the system went
through some ‘lag’, on the whole things went well. But for Iris payroll software
users there were bigger problems.

The company, famed for its customer service and reliable products, went
through a mini meltdown as customers struggled with an Iris PAYE-Master software
upgrade onto a new technology platform and found themselves waiting interminably
to speak to technical support.

‘It was a major one-off upgrade,’ explains chief executive Martin Leuw. ‘But
average wait time for technical help is now down to a minute, and we have a
project team reviewing how it all went. We’re now planning to make sure we’re
ready for next spring.’

But the dust has failed to settle for customers, who have voiced their
unhappiness across the internet, including

Leuw says that ‘in hindsight’ the company could have improved its processes
to ensure a better PAYE period for its customers, but everyone that has raised
concerns will be contacted.

‘We will follow up with customers directly,’ says Leuw.

And the company’s latest foray into the IT software marketplace could help
provide some peace of mind for fretting bureaux providers.

Its purchase of Intex, the payroll software company known for its ‘Earnie’
product, will lead to changes at both businesses.

Management of Iris’ payroll software will move to Stockton-on-Tees and be
headed by Tony Atherton.

While the purchase was not made in response to Iris’ recent problems, Leuw
hopes that Intex will provide ‘additional expertise’ to PAYE-Master.

Earnie will not be replacing PAYE-Master, however. The former is aimed more
at business with a higher employee base, from 50-1,000, while PAYE-Master suits
smaller businesses.

Leuw says: ‘They’re taking over payroll direction, looking for ways to
continuously improve.’

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