JUSTINTHYME – What’s all this ‘ear?

Andersen Consulting is well into the visual arts, as its recent ad campaign, in which various characters from Old Master paintings waltz around together shows (message: if you want your business to look like an explosion in an art gallery, call us). Not content with collaging the classics, it has now turned its attentions to another noted chopper and changer Vincent Van Gogh. Under Andersen’s sponsorship, 70 of the old ear-reengineer’s greatest hits will be shipped over to Washington for a major restrospective.

Cue lots of Americans prating about Vay-an Go. Not that we should be smug – when I visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, it turns out he’s not Van Goff either but something more like “Fon Ho’ch”. It helps if you’ve had the flu.

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