CRM fails to improve service

Widespread and costly investment in customer relationship management tools
has not resulted in a better service, according to consulting firm Accenture.

A survey of 1,000 UK consumers found that more than two thirds thought
customer service had not improved over the past five years, despite companies
investing in CRM systems. Over half of respondents had switched service
providers because of poor delivery.

‘These findings are troubling for any industry with heavy customer
interaction, given that poor service was the main reason for respondents
changing service providers,’ said John Freeland, global managing partner at
Accenture’s CRM practice.

‘Winning companies strike the right balance between using technology to help
reduce costs, and streamlining the customer experience with well-considered
processes that contribute to more personalised services.’

One in five of those questioned cited ‘technologies that delay or stop
service’ as a key annoyance, but being kept on hold too long was the primary
problem for 82%.

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