xPS software push makes good progress

A year ago there was great excitement among small software suppliers
providing niche applications.

The ICAEW’s Practice Software Suppliers Forum had just agreed to the
extensible practice standard (xPS), which would allow practitioners to swap
software suppliers without concerns over their own data.

But things have gone very quiet on the xPS front.

Rumours have circulated that the larger software suppliers were not
implementing xPS as enthusiastically as they could, for fear of opening up

Despite the concerns in the industry, others have argued that so far
everything seems to have gone smoothly.

Paul Booth, technical manager at the ICAEW, said he had ‘no reason not to be

And Simon Crompton, general manager of MYOB, said that his company was happy
to apply xPS to its products as generally customers preferred buying software
suites over specialised applications.

But the progress that has been made on xPS does not mean that there are no
clouds building on the horizon.

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