Sage launches new integrated suites in the UK and Canada to drive growth for Accountants and Small Businesses

Sage launches new integrated suites in the UK and Canada to drive growth for Accountants and Small Businesses

Exclusive to UK, Sage Copilot, a Generative AI-powered assistant will help to enhancing productivity of early adopters

Sage, a leader in the accounting, financial, HR, and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), has launched two new suites in the UK and Canada to transform how SMBs and accountancy practices operate and grow their business.

Bringing together Sage’s tools into two scalable solutions, Sage for Accountants and Sage for Small Business, mark a significant step forward in Sage’s commitment to champion SMBs, accountants and bookkeepers.

“With these new suites we are making it easier for data and work to flow between our products, helping accountants, bookkeepers and SMBs to do more, easily and more efficiently than ever before,” said Neal Watkins, EVP, Accounting and HR, Sage. “Our goal is to eliminate complexity and provide essential tools that not only ensure business success but also enhance the value of human work. That is why our suites are designed to reduce administrative burdens and seamlessly integrate, transforming how business and accountants operate.”

These suites are purpose built to meet the needs of accountants, bookkeepers and SMBs, enabling them to get more tasks done by freeing up more time whilst boosting efficiency and productivity. With Sage for Accountants and Sage for Small Business, users can focus on what matters to them, from growth and offering great services to their passions outside of work.

Three customisable membership plans — Essentials, Standard, and Premium — will scale to match the unique needs of businesses and accountancy practices. SMBs and accountants and bookkeepers are now able to self-manage users and subscriptions, all in one integrated solution that is paid for on a single monthly invoice.

Introducing Sage for Accountants 

Designed to enhance the functionality and productivity of accountancy practices, Sage for Accountants streamlines client management, simplifies operations, boosts efficiency and enhances client collaboration. Even for those not using Sage ledger tools, it enables continuous accounting with seamless integration between tools, so they can harness the value of every tool across all their clients, to free up more time for client relations.

With evolving market demands Sage for Accountants is an integrated experience that will help practices to:

  • Win and onboard more profitable clients: Attract high-value clients efficiently by leveraging access to one of the largest accountants’ communities worldwide and a comprehensive accounting directory.
  • Boost productivity with efficient compliance services: Ensure regulatory compliance with ease and confidence using Sage for Accountants, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Deliver a trusted advisory service: Provide clients with expert insights and guidance for business growth, enhancing their trust in your practice and fostering long-term relationships.

“Sage has always been at the forefront of supporting both accountancy practices and their clients with solutions that meet their evolving needs and challenges,” said Andrew Dick, Chartered Accountant, G W Dick & Co.

“Sage for Accountants reaffirms and demonstrates Sage is all about making the process easier for accountants like us, meaning we can focus on spending more time with our customers. This coupled with Sage for Small Business means we can add even more value in real-time and ultimately this will help all our businesses grow.”

Empowering SMBs with Sage for Small Business

Making it even easier for sole traders and small businesses to run and grow their business, Sage for Small Business simplifies the long list of jobs to be done from managing cashflow to engaging and managing a team of people. By bringing together critical business tools and expert advice designed for small businesses into a single suite, it allows business owners to free up their time to focus on their business and what truly matters to them.

The suite enables small business owners to start with what they need and will grow with them, helping them to:

  • Streamline repetitive tasks: Enabling real-time data flow across accounting, payroll and HR from a single user interface simplifies operations and saves small business owners’ valuable time.
  • Gain enhanced business insights: With instant access to critical business and financial information, business owners can make smarter decisions, and collaborate closer with accountants on the same digital data.
  • Remain confident with compliance: With over 40 years of experience building small business technology, offering a wealth of advice and award-winning support and services, Sage help ensure small business owners have access to simplified tax, VAT and payroll compliance through the latest technology.

“Having accounting, payroll and HR all in one package which is easily accessible from a single location has meant that we don’t have the complexity of learning different systems and makes our lives easier in the long term by ensuring that we are using the same products as our accountant,” said Dr Christian Sadler, SR Veterinary Group. “As we look to grow our practice, the insights we get from Sage for Small Business helps us make good decisions.”

First customers to get Sage Copilot

As part of the launch of suites, UK customers will be the first to get their hands on Sage Copilot, a new generative AI powered productivity assistant. Integrated within Sage for Small Business and Sage for Accountants, Sage Copilot is designed to transform operations by automating routine administrative tasks and offering real-time business insights. This allows small businesses to operate more efficiently, and accountants and bookkeepers to make smarter, faster decisions, and focus more on strategic client management rather than administrative tasks.

Sage Copilot will initially be launched in the UK in 2024 and then extended into Canada.

For more information on Sage for Accountants and Sage for Small Business with Copilot, visit here.


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