Targeting trainees: Implementing effective training schemes for Generation Z

Implementing effective audit training schemes for millennials can be difficult, especially in a rapidly evolving digital world where traditional training may no longer be effective in accountancy firms. Understanding how your trainees process information is crucial to ensuring success, with a surprising 78% of millennials being passive learners.

New technology can help firms to engage their trainees in audit training while alleviating budget concerns. The Bean application delivers a digital training program designed to capture the attention of a new generation of learners. Accessible via a virtual desktop application, trainees can work through modules at their own pace, reviewing materials at anytime and anywhere.

The application provides a cost effective option for firms with on the job access to key audit knowledge, reducing the need for trainees to spend time out of the office. Working papers, caseware files, interactive e-learning modules, model audits and a digital audit library of the ISA standards are included in the training program.

To better understand preferred learning styles of millennials in your workforce, view the Bean audit training webinar here.

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