The Practitioner: Do proper due diligence, and never agree to be a witness!

The Practitioner

Well, if ever there was a time to be called out of the office for two weeks, stuck in a room with no access to internet and bad phone signal, January was not it.

Unfortunately for me and practice however, that’s exactly what’s happened since my last blog.

When I agreed to be a witness in court, I had no idea of the time – not to mention the cost – that it would take. And at the time of writing I still can’t say for definite when I am going to get into the dock to testify. The case has been delayed, postponed, even moved to a different court due to a power failure. Throughout all of this, several other witnesses and I have been sitting patiently waiting to do our duty.

I live more than 200 miles from the court so travel has been a massive convenience. Most other witnesses have been able to get back into their workplace within reasonable time once we were notified of the day’s lack of activity. For me, it’s not been so easy.

I have had lots of time to think however, and one think that has cropped up several times in the past couple of weeks is this; do proper due diligence, and never agree to be a witness!

Meanwhile, back in the office, the tax returns are being done, with the usual suspects leaving it until the last minute. I’ve just received a text message from one client saying he has left his books behind the plant pot next to my front door. He does that every year! When they are complete I leave them outside his front door behind his plant pot. I’ve not actually seen him for at least three years!

At least I can rely on him leaving them in the same place every year with one week to go until deadline day. If the new digital tax plan comes in I may have to get myself some more plant pots!

The Practitioner’s uncensored thoughts come from within their own practice – having left a regional firm in the heart of England

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