Accountants consider swapping from practice to commerce

MANY ACCOUNTANTS are hankering to swap from practice into industry – and vice-versa – according to major research from

A survey of more than 1,300 accountants across the globe found that six in ten would swap discipline. However, there were barriers making it difficult from them to change.

More than a quarter (26%) felt the economic climate was too risky; 20% said they didn’t have the right skills; and 17% are worried that making the switch will not be as good for them as it is presented.

Despite the concerns, many respondents still have itchy feet. Four in ten are actively looking to move, rising to two-thirds when taking into account those looking to find a new role in the next year.

“For professionals looking to move from practice to industry it is often thought of as an easier move, but it is not always the case,” said Simon Wright, operations director at

Commerce work expectation and culture are often overlooked as potential issues, Wright explained, and can come as a shock to those moving from practice.

“Industry does however offer the chance to become an expert in a specific [sector] much faster than practice,” he added.

“There is also the chance to move into operational roles rather than being focused on accountancy and finance, which is appealing to the entrepreneurs and those looking to start their own business one day.” is a sponsor of the British Accountancy Awards 2016.

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