Taking Stock: Not a RomCom, more a NumCrun

IT’S BEEN 22 MONTHS in the making – and TS’ patience can only stretch so far. But the end is near – certainly that’s what the movie posters have told us.

Yes, since it first emerged in January 2015 that a film about an accountant called, erm, The Accountant, was going to be released, TS has been vising the local Odeon waiting for a glimpse of its star Ben Affleck in a pin-stripe and bowler hat.

We had the trailer, of course, and then Colin got in on the action.

But it is now here…and TS was a little bit shocked to see the Ben-meister in possession of what looks like an M-16 rifle, as opposed to an abacus.

Anyway, here’s the poster – start saving up for the XXL popcorn.


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