Roffe Swayne announces new managing partner

ROFFE SWAYNE has announced that Jeremy Gardner will become the new managing partner, replacing Sharon Ward.

On 1 October 2016 Sharon Ward (pictured left) stepped down as managing partner at Roffe Swayne after ten years in the role. She is succeeded by Jeremy Gardner (right) at the Godalming-based firm, who has been a partner at Roffe Swayne for more than ten years in the outsourced services team.

Jeremy Gardner, managing partner, said: “The firm has certainly grown and evolved a lot over the past 12 years.  A lot of the changes has been driven by the changing needs of our clients.  We have been very fortunate with strong leadership during Sharon Ward’s time as managing partner and are now recognised for the quality of our service and maintaining the happiness of our team.”

Over the past ten years the team at Roffe Swayne has expanded to more than 80 people, all based in the Godalming office. Gardner received a handover period, with Sharon Ward, of nine months for the role.

Jeremy Gardner, added: “The accounting world will undergo a lot of change within the next five years and our firm must remain flexible and innovative. We are also fortunate that Sharon will remain in our core leadership team.”

Roffe Swayne has 82 staff, and nine partners, and works with business owners and private individuals to support them with a full spectrum of services. The firm also recently released a successful forensic accounting service.

Gardner, concluded: “Our clients face constant challenges thrown up by changes in legislation, their own circumstances and economic factors, like Brexit. My aim is to grow our business at a rate of 10% each year for the next three years.”

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