The Practitioner: Keep Calm and play Pokémon

The Practitioner

THE past few weeks have been good and bad in different ways. Bad in the work environment with the large client I’ve talked about previously, ‘barking’ at me and putting pressure on the practice. Good in the home environment, as I’ve spent more time with the kids than I have done in a long time. The good has outweighed the bad that’s for sure. The reason for spending more time with the kids may surprise you, but it’s Pokémon!

We recently went away for a week to Spain, and during that trip I decided to download Pokémon Go on my iPhone. My two eldest children had been playing it on their devices for a couple of weeks and I had read some reports of ‘parents beware’ in the papers. I have to say though it’s been fantastic for getting us all out of the house and walking every night after work and dinner.

I’ve actually found it quite therapeutic and fun if I’m honest. During the past few weeks of feeling under intense pressure it has been a light relief to throw some Poke Balls at monsters and creatures!

I would highly recommend it. It’s even become a talking point in the office, and some staff are now even going out for walks on the lunch break to find Poke-stops. It’s exercise in disguise if you ask me!

I visited the troublesome client today, and I do believe we have sorted out our differences. I told him to focus on the big things and stop worrying about micro management. Without the big things being looked after there will be nothing left to micro manage soon!

I left him with a top three list of the things he needs to focus on. He was really pleased, and gave me permission to kick him up the backside in future if I felt he needed it.

On the way back to my car I bumped into his wife in the car park. You guessed it. She was playing Pokémon!

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