ICAEW set to offer partial licenses for insolvency practitioners

ICAEW is to set to begin offering partial licenses for insolvency practitioners as a direct result of regulatory changes brought in to improve competition and liberalise entry to the profession.

The changes which widen qualifying criteria for authorised regulatory providers of insolvency services kicked in following amendments to the Deregulation Act 2015 and Insolvency (Amendment) Act Northern Ireland 2016, last March.

Bob Pinder, ICAEW regional director, said: “As ICAEW is the UK’s largest insolvency regulator, ICAEW licensed practitioners gain a wealth of benefits and support.

“Now, through the introduction of partial licenses, those who wish to specialise in personal or corporate insolvency will be able to share those benefits. Insolvency firms who choose ICAEW as their single insolvency regulator will, therefore, ease the regulatory burden by dealing with only one regulatory professional body.”

The body will start to formally accept applications from parties wishing to obtain a partial licence on 1 July 2016.

Applicants can register their interest in advance by contacting Teresa.doody@icaew.com



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