Professional bodies sign anti-corruption statement

ACCOUNTING bodies such as CIPFA and ICAEW are among a swathe of professional signatories to a joint statement deploring corruption.

The move was made as David Cameron hosts the first international anti-corruption summit in London today.

Part of the statement said: “For many years, professional bodies have worked alongside government, regulators, law enforcement and international bodies, and supported our members to combat bribery, corruption, tax-evasion, money laundering and the financing of international terrorism. We will continue this work and provide support to facilitate national and international co-operation and to improve monitoring and enforcement systems.

“We deplore corruption and the significant harm it causes; we play a vital role in training, educating and supporting our professions to uphold the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards.

“We know criminals seek to abuse the services provided by our members to launder the proceeds of corruption and we are committed to ensuring the professions we serve are armed with the tools to thwart this abuse.”

Other co-signatories included the Association of Accounting Technicians, the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Law Society.

Welcoming the joint statement, IFAC president Olivia Kirtley, said: “Defeating corruption—and thus immeasurably improving the lives of citizens—can only be achieved through re-energized collaboration between, and commitment of, leaders from both the public and private sectors. Both sectors require transparent, consistent and robust anti-corruption measures, and effective internal controls that are critical to good governance and holding officials accountable. A greater focus on strong governance and compliance structures will help cultivate self-reporting cultures that empower individuals to do the right thing.”

The full statement is here.

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