Begbies Traynor hop onto ex-Socceroo skipper bankruptcy

BEGBIES Traynor has been appointed to handle the bankruptcy of former West Ham captain, Lucas Neill.

Neill – who also captained Australia’s national team, securing 96 caps – spent 15 years playing in England, much of it in the Premier League, most recently at Watford.

Gary Shankland and Jamie Taylor have been appointed as trustees to the defender’s bankruptcy.

The former Blackburn Rovers and Everton player, who also turned out for Turkish side Galatasaray, was declared bankrupt on 6 January 2016.

Dale Hernon, national head of creditor services at Begbies Traynor, said: “Neill is due to be interviewed when he returns to the UK in the coming weeks, at which point the trustees will be able to obtain the background information required to determine the full scale of Mr Neill’s debts. At this early stage of proceedings, it is currently unclear to what extent any funds will be recovered.”

The trustees said that creditors with claims will receive updates as soon as practicable, but should expect the investigation into the bankruptcy to take some months.


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