Taking Stock: Branded


YOU MAY have noticed there are a lot of stories about firms’ branding on Accountancy Age at the moment.

TS isn’t precisely sure what has prompted all the sudden changes, but we’re pretty sure the market isn’t far off a full-blown existential crisis.

Still while the re-emergence of the Andersen name and BKL’s new look is all very interesting, it’s a slightly older and bigger brand change that’s tickled TS’s funny bone.

TS had the pleasure of EY’s company last night at its annual media party, which we can safely say was great fun.

But upon arrival, TS couldn’t help but notice that high up above More London Place, EY’s old name and logo sat proudly emblazoned across the Big Four firm’s imposing office, while its newer, abbreviated version sat lower, and rather more meekly, above the entrance.

TS couldn’t help but chuckle, especially given the fanfare that accompanied its introduction last year.

For the record, the old signage remains due to the requirement of permission from the building’s landlord, the hiring of a crane and the need to use specially reinforced glass and ultra-strong glue to replace it.

Seems like a lot of work, so TS can’t really blame them.

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