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BREAKING NEWS: Court of Appeal hearing

PCG confident following IR35 appeal
IR35 battle resumes this week

Preceding events

IR35 appeal delayed till December
Contractor defeated in IR35 appeal
Anger at IR35 persists, author claims
November date for IR35 appeal
Inland Revenue revamps IR35 FAQs
Verdict on IR35 remains ‘solid’
Contractors to battle on against IR35

High Court battle

Minister says IR35 was ‘cumbersome’
Deadline danger hits IR35 taxpayers
Contractors offered IR35 insurance
IR35: Revenue publishes case law
IR35 ‘foolish’, says shadow IT minister
Hague reiterates IR35 repeal pledge
Contractors await IR35 guidance
IR35: Contractors escape double tax hit
Revenue urged to test IR35
Tax Faculty clarifies IR35 situation
IR35: Photos from the High Court
Inland Revenue urged to test IR35 rules
IR35 ruling a blow to Brown, say Tories
Contractors defeated in IR35 battle
PCG content despite High Court loss
Judge sets date for IR35 ruling
IR35 case could handicap IT workers
PCG pleased with High Court opportunity
Revenue says IR35 is not ‘state aid’
IR35 calculator available; case goes on
IR35 fears are ‘unfounded’, court hears
IR35 branded ‘misconceived’ in court
News Extra: Inside the IR35 war room
Government foresaw IR35 effects
IR35 High Court showdown begins
Contractors win first IR35 battle
Contractors must wait for IR35 decision

Story archive

Montagu hits out over IR35 story
Fears grow as IR35 deadline looms
Deemed payments advice issued
Former skier makes IR35 plea to Blair
Brown aims to fill gaps in IT market
Tories: IR35 repeal would cost £150m
Tories pledge to repeal IR35
Contractors face IR35 investigations
Audit change sparks IR35 penalty alarm
Primarolo: UK not losing IT consultants
Businesses warned to prepare for IR35
Prime minister urged to repeal IR35
Hague declares war on stealth taxes
Tories deny IR35 policy switch
Tories avoid giving IR35 answers
Security officers called for IR35 debate
Walker to face the music in IR35 debate
FI Group withdraws £1000 bonus scheme
Hague commits to reforming IR35
Portillo makes tax pledges for business
Tax Faculty issues IR35 help document
IR35 focus: ‘If I stay here, I’ll go out of business’
UK industry makes final plea to stop IR35
IR35 against European law, say contractors
IR35 starts to bite: Will IT consultants be fleeing the country?
IR35 loophole for same-sex couples
No Tory U-turn over IR35 as Portillo reaffirms Tory opposition
US extends welcome to foreign IT workers
Inspectors told to go easy over IR35
IR35 condemned by English ICA
IR35 Special – IT contractors in Primarolo postal protest
Conservative Party Conference – Hague declares war on stealth taxes
IR35 travel concessions
IR35 Focus – Ministers under fire
IR35 Euro legal bid
Discovering what’s in an IR35 name
Last minute IR35 lobbying
IR35 retort by Revenue
Revenue rebutts English ICA IR35 criticism
US extends welcome to foreign IT workers
Taking Stock – ‘Come out’ to benefit from IR35
Inspectors told to go easy over IR35
Portillo slams Blair on e-business
Tax wars: Storm over double tax relief ‘echoes IR35’
Revenue officials dismiss IR35 loophole claims
No Tory U-turn over IR35 as Portillo reaffirms Tory opposition
Treasury under fire as IR35 leaves IT consultants ready to move abroad
Treasury minister embroiled in IR35 conflict row
Help on IR35 ‘nightmare’.
Government exaggerating IR35 tax yield, claims Smith & Williamson
The IR35 saga and asks what it will really mean for the thousands hit
IR35 becomes law
Inland Revenue issues guidance on IR35 rules for personal services companies
IR35 becomes law after Lords back down
Peers cause more trouble for IR35
Concerns over IR35 as government moves to attract IT specialists from overseas
Contractors claim IR35 will cost government £705m
Tories lead parliamentary protest over IR35 proposals
Row in parliament expected tonight over IR35 crackdown
Latest: Ministers make IR35 concessions
Government will look again at IR35 plans


Follow the commercial facts
Poorly considered legislation
IR35 is a disincentive
IR35: Moving overseas
IR35: Exodus is real
IR35: Time the imbalance is addressed
Heather Self: Revenue must look after subcontractors.
Dawn Primarolo: We stand by our changes
IR35: A taxing question
IR35 debate: Security was too much
IR35: Revenue is so arrogant
Re: Revenue is so arrogant
YOUR COMMENTS: IR35 rules should be abandoned
A contractor speaks out on the effect of IR35
LEADER – Wanted! A sensible tax system.

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Tax Faculty issues IR35 help document
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