Training and education special

In our training and education special we look at soft skills, when to specialise and online training

22 Feb 2007

Softworld 2007: special report

In association with Softworld accounting and finance solutions we look at XAPL, the importance of a meaningful web presence, talk to Nintendo UK FD Tom Pearce and much more...

15 Feb 2007

Newly-qualified special report

If you're a newly-qualified and struggling to decide your next more, look no further. In this special report, we feature the hottest young talent in the profession to give you all the inspiration you need.

25 Jan 2007

The Top 50 financial power list 2007

We select the leaders and organisations that will most influence the accountancy industry and business in 2007

09 Jan 2007

Management briefing: Audit choice

Audit has not been under so much scrutiny for many years. Massive changes are in the air and some have already started to surface. Ever since the dramatic fallout from the Enron and WorldCom scandals, governments across the globe have been looking for ways to avoid similar calamitous situations.

15 Dec 2006

The AccountancyAge TV guide

A complete guide to all the viewing on AccountancyAge TV available via

13 Dec 2006

Management briefing: Professional Indemnity

No matter how confident you are of your professional competence, it is essential that you prepare for all eventualities. In fact, as a chartered accountant it is a requirement to take out professional indemnity insurance.

07 Dec 2006

Can the government protect the LSE from Sarbox?

The threat of foreign ownership has prompted the government to rush through Sarbox protection for the London Stock Exchange. Will it protect the UK from the onerous US legislation?

29 Nov 2006

Michael Izza: the task ahead

Does Michael Izza have the charisma and ability to succeed as the new chief executive of the ICAEW? The current and former Accountancy Age editors examine the task ahead and the mistakes of the past

02 Nov 2006

Internal controls - a management briefing

Those of you breathing a sigh of relief following the first year of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance mustn’t rest too long...

27 Oct 2006

Special report: salary survey autumn 2006

The results from this autumn's salary survey show you are a hard-working, honest bunch, but you are resistant to overseas workers filling the gaps in UK accountancy. Delve inside to see the UK's most comprehensive analysis of working trends among British accountants

26 Oct 2006

The Big Four in Europe and the eighth directive

The eighth directive has been described as the European equivalent of Sarbanes-Oxley, so how is it affecting the big firms?

19 Oct 2006

Practice careers guide - Autumn 2006

This guide will give you a flavour of what it’s like to stay on in practice after qualification. Working for a firm could bring financial and work/life benefits that you would not be able to find in general business, as well as a carefully structured career progression path that suits you.

17 Oct 2006

Softworld 2006: special report

With Softworld just around the corner, we look at the issues challenging the profession

12 Oct 2006

Special report: the new age discrimination rules

The government's new rules came into effect on Sunday 1 October. How will they affect you and your business?

02 Oct 2006

What does it take to become a female partner?

Who's made it, how did they get there and how much do they earn? Here's what it takes to become a female partner in accountancy firms

22 Aug 2006

Celebrities vs the taxman - who's the winner?

Andre Agassi, Joan Collins, Richard & Judy, Michael Jackson and Sean Connery have all had run-ins with the taxman. Who won the battle and how much was at stake? Read and weep...

18 Aug 2006

Who's the UK's most stressed-out accountant?

You're probably thinking it's you! But compare yourself with these troubled souls and you may well feel much, much better

18 Aug 2006

How football got its finances wrong

From megalomaniac chairmen to the ITV digital collapse to the 'super creditor rule' – where did football go wrong? Either way, it’s getting it right now. Here’s a rundown of the journey to this point

18 Aug 2006

Special report: the Anstee departure

Here, we look at the circumstances surrounding the departure of ICAEW chief executive Eric Anstee, gather comment on his tenure, and give him an opportunity to put his side of the story

06 Jul 2006

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How software as a service can meet the strategic needs of a growing business

Organisations are now looking for a software service that is cost effective, flexible, streamlined and able to meet the needs of the business both today and in the future

This web seminar will explain how finance directors can monitor and understand the various financial costs of staff turnover

Leader: Baker Tilly's naming nerves

Baker Tilly's impending name change opens up a range of possiblities, writes Calum Fuller

The Practitioner: R&D tax credit boon awaits clients

The Practitioner is gobsmacked at the opportunities for tax savings that R&D credits will bring for clients

Macro View: Soaring US dollar could unleash nasty global tremors

If upward pressures on the dollar escalate, its strength could become malignant and the blessing could become a curse

Audit magnifying glass

New audit threshold reform – a threat or an opportunity?

What should smaller firms be doing to prepare for the impending audit threshold reforms? Having a strategy to work smarter, differently, than in the past is a must, writes Simon Warren

Colin: Chocolate coin meltdown

Colin ponders the impact of chocolate coins being pulled 'out of circulation'

Colin: No-go for new Tesco logo

Colin attempts a unilateral rebrand for Tesco

Taking Stock: Haslers' marathon man avoids comfort break

Better out than in for long-distance runner

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Why budgeting fails: One management system is not enough

If budgeting is to have any value at all, it needs a radical overhaul. In today's dynamic marketplace, budgeting can no longer serve as a company's only management system; it must integrate with and support dedicated strategy management systems, process improvement systems, and the like. In this paper, Professor Peter Horvath and Dr Ralf Sauter present what's wrong with the current approach to budgeting and how to fix it.


iXBRL: Taking stock. Looking forward

In this white paper CCH provide checklists to help accountants and finance professionals both in practice and in business examine these issues and make plans. Also includes a case study of a large commercial organisation working through the first year of mandatory iXBRL filing.