Taxman wins Hok appeal

Hok Ltd will have to pay the maximum fine of £500 for a late employer's PAYE return, as HMRC wins landmark test case

26 Oct 2012


Montpelier late filing accounts and facing a winding-up order

Top 50 firm Montpelier looking for 'stability' as its holding company seeks to deal with accounts filing and winding up petition

11 Oct 2012


RTI exemptions possible on religious grounds

Employers with religious objections to electronic communications will not join real-time information when it is rolled out nationally in April next year

09 Oct 2012

MPs “shocked” by BBC tax arrangements

MPs in the Public Accounts Committee raise concerns that broadcaster cannot vouch that off-payroll staff pay the right amount of tax

05 Oct 2012

Largest businesses do not have to join RTI in April

Companies employing more than 5,000 people can arrange a "migration date" to real-time PAYE between April and October 2013

04 Sep 2012

Taxman drops PAYE pooling plans

Plans to allow large organisations containing several entities to be treated as one for PAYE purposes have been dropped

10 Aug 2012

Gauke rejects postponement of RTI

The Exchequer secretary is bullish about real-time information's potential for success as means

17 Jul 2012

The taxman seeks views on real-time information

HMRC releases consultation document for employers on the introduction of RTI

14 Jun 2012

HMRC brings 310 more employers into RTI pilot

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has confirmed 310 more employer Pay As You Earn schemes are scheduled to join its real time information pilot.

11 May 2012

HMRC introduces PAYE power to collect debts

HMRC can now collect debts of less than £3,000 through a taxpayer's PAYE code

24 Apr 2012

HMRC pilots PAYE real-time information

HM Revenue & Customs launches its pilot real-time information scheme, which could simplify PAYE payments

11 Apr 2012

HMRC focuses on tackling high earners

Liesl Fichardt explains why City bosses are so concerned about the outcome of the latest tax row over remuneration

09 Mar 2012

Colin: Passing the buck

Colin's take on future tax planning in the NHS

20 Feb 2012

P45 slips saved from redundancy

HM Revenue and Customs decides to keep P45 forms after requests from employers

06 Feb 2012

HMRC to send in-year PAYE penalty notices

Taxman reverses policy of allowing monthly PAYE penalties to accrue before notifying employers

17 Nov 2011

Who will pay for Real Time Information?

Employers will have to submit monthly returns under new initiative, but who will be most burdened?

16 Nov 2011

'Leaver statement' for employees under PAYE plans

Real-time PAYE reporting could see employers prepare a 'leaver statement' for staff, rather than P45s

15 Nov 2011

NI contributory principle remains, Gauke reaffirms

Minister is confident problems with National Insurance contributions will be solved by operational merger

14 Nov 2011

It's time to deal with PAYE reconciliation

The latest round of PAYE underpayment calculations is likely to affect some clients, writes Kelly Sizer

07 Nov 2011

The true story behind the PAYE figures

HMRC makes its fair share of errors, but the PAYE controversy is a rehash of old and ambiguous stories

20 Oct 2011

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