Climax of practitioner’s case against Dispatches

An insolvency practitioner’s fight to win an apology from Channel 4’s Dispatches programme reaches a climax next week when his case comes before the Press Complaints Commission.

Keith Goodman, a partner with Leonard Curtis, complained to the PCC last July, following Dispatches’ controversial expose of alleged sharp practices by the insolvency profession.

Goodman, who is a leading member of the Society of Practitioners of Insolvency, claims that the programme, called The Liquidation Game, featured a case handled by him in a biased light, ignoring vital information.

The commission is scheduled to hear his appeal on 5 February. If Goodman is successful, he could ask Dispatches for a public admission of error.

He could also consider suing them for damages.

The programme, broadcast last June, provoked a flurry of angry condemnation from insolvency practitioners by alleging that some had placed businesses in receivership unnecessarily.

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